Global Building Technologies is continually proven to be an industry leader for understanding the Hospitality and Development business needs and providing innovative technology applications to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risks and liabilities.

GBT has over 50 combined years of experience in the following areas:

* CAD/BIM Administration, Standards, implementation, Training, support, collaboration, procurement

* Renderings, Animations, Immersive Environments and Virtual Reality

* Drafting, Modeling, Interior Design & Specifications, Retail Design / Layout, Lease Exhibits,

* Job Captain

* Master Plans & Master Property Data / Evacuation & Egress plans

* Database development & Administration, Geographic Information Systems

* Programming and custom tool development using leading APIs for Autodesk, Procore and Oracle.

* Design & Development related IT Administration, Conference room technology, Multi-Media technology, apple Technologist

* CAD/MM Systems specialists, Render Farms, Network Licensing & License management

* Printer Plotter maintenance

* Document control systems

Global Building technologies is uniquely qualified to assess, recommend and assist with discovery and implementation of just about any CPM on the market but have specific and recent experience in Procore for the Enterprise and end of life for Buzzsaw projects and files. We have worked with the largest Hoteliers and hospitality companies in the world and understand the technology around your business.