About GBT

Our service ultimately creates an incredible asset of data and information that should live on throughout the lifecycle of the building. The FinishLine platform can be used from ground break all the way through final inspection for field observations, owners walks and other issue tracking items. Then into Final Inspection and Final Completion onto Commissioning. Ideally, this data should live on for Day One opening activities. What a better way for your Facilities or Operations and maintenance team to understand what has been done in a certain area or to a specific piece of equipment. There will be a better understanding of whether or not the item is still a warrantee item or a new problem. These “data or information” assets become invaluable for the life of your building. Track your appliance and hardware warrantees. Track your labor and materials against an asset. Track you're FFE through its lifecycle. There is so much you can do with this data once it has been entered into the platform. You’re not just getting a great inspection, you're getting a data asset that lives on with the building from birth to demo.

Our team members have successfully punched over 30,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas in just the last 10 years. In addition, GBT has used Finishline software on over 16 Integrated Resorts in Las Vegas for Operations & Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance. The GBT Team is uniquely qualified to understand the scope of work, operate on the best platform and save you time and money all while reducing risk.

We understand the customers quality needs and works with the contracted parties to deliver on-time and on-budget. Together with proven strategies, technology and techniques, GBT is uniquely qualified to provide Design & Development Technology and inspection services on a superior technology platform and be productive immediately.